Hello Sjoppies

2024 - February - 25

While working on Memorazzo 2.0, another app-idea was lurking in my mind: a shopping list. This may not be an original idea, but I had some special wishes of my own. So, when certain frustrations rose during the Memorazzo development (more about that later), I decided to give myself a little present and create Sjoppies, my very own shopping list app. It was fun, but of course had its own little frustration.

After a couple of weeks of development, Sjoppies has now been released to the App Store. It works on any iPhone with iOS 17, and any iPad with iPadOS 17. It will also run on a Mac with Apple Silicon (M1/2/3) and macOS 14.


  • Can be used for shopping in multiple shops.
  • Shops have departments, departments have items.
  • Items can be marked as desired or urgent.
  • Departments and items can be ordered according to the order in the actual shops.
  • Items can be shared between multiple shops, so you can buy them in whatever shop you happen to be in. Once you’ve marked off a shared item from the list in one shop, it will also be removed from the list for any other shop.


As much as I wanted this to be an app that can share shopping lists between multiple users, that goal has not been reached. The reason: I also wanted to use Apple’s latest technology for storing the data, SwiftData. And then I ran into a limitation I overlooked: currently, SwiftData can not do the sharing. As far as I know. I can only hope that this is going to change in the future, but it won’t be the near future, I’m afraid. Think early June for a possible announcement, and then September for a release.

How to get it

In the App Store, of course. Here’s a link: Sjoppies in the App Store
I hope you’ll enjoy it. Let me know about any requests you may have for a future version (support@effenix.nl).

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