Software development for “everything Apple”

I’m a software developer specializing in Apple products. My favorite platform used to be the Mac, but I think the iPad is now winning. I’ve done lots of development for others, but nowadays I’m focusing on my own apps.


Since the year the Mac was born (1984), I have been developing software for it. And since they became available, I’ve been developing apps for iPad and iPhone.

For server applications I use Swift and Vapor, mostly for back-ends for mobile applications.

I have built macOS and iOS applications for many customers, both for in-house and for commercial use.

For larger projects, or when additional expertise is required, I call on the assistance of other professional developers and designers.


Some of my macOS and iOS apps are available in Apple’s App store. In-between teaching and developing apps for clients, I produce my own apps.

Most recently: Sjoppies.


Hello Sjoppies

While working on Memorazzo 2.0, another app-idea was lurking in my mind: a shopping list. This may not be an original idea, but I had some special wishes of my own. So, when certain frustrations rose during the Memorazzo development (more about that later), I decided to give myself a little present and create Sjoppies, my very own shopping list app. It was fun, but of course had its own little frustration.

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