Welcome back

2019 - May - 2

From zdndrp to effeniX, that’s one small step for…
no, let’s not go there.
It’s not even a small step. It’s just a name change.

It’s more like a symbolic step. From the company that I used to be, to the person that I always was. Doing the things that I always did. Programming, teaching.

I am just slightly re-focusing.

To stand still is to go forward

2013 - September - 30

Recently, I was travelling by train, and I was amazed. Amazed by the people around me, amazed by myself.

Where are you, when you’re travelling? Usually, on your way from somewhere to somewhere else (or vice versa). In the meantime, are you nowhere? Or are you still where you came from, or already there where you’re going to?


2013 - September - 9

Many of the things we do with our computers nowadays have been invented by Xerox. It’s an amazing story, and often recounted - but let me summarize it here. To be more precise, the story is about Xerox PARC, the Palo Alto Research Center.

Nearly everything that’s crucial for our computers today has either been invented there, or applied there for the first time. Graphical displays, graphical user interfaces, WYSIWYG, windows, menus, Ethernet, laser printers, object-oriented programming.
These would all go on to be successfully implemented by every single computer company.
Except for Xerox.

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