Stop reading, start writing

2013 - May - 10

Years ago, I was house-sitting for friends in the middle of France. A wonderful place, far away from the world. Even the internet had a hard time reaching us. I was taking advantage of the time and the place to get rid of all the daily (disturbing) influences and to listen to the sound coming from within me.

I was busy writing an article for a customer, to be published in a magazine. About why on earth I wanted to teach programming to others, instead of doing it myself. I may try to find the article, one of these days. The customer has moved to another world (the oracle appeared after the sun set).

Writing the article went well, not in the least because of my isolation. Don’t worry: I wasn’t completely on my own. But I was working in a beautiful room surrounded by inspiring books and pictures. Thoughts were flowing, words arrived all by themselves.
It was a very nice experience, I was feeling rather creative.

I then noticed the sticker on my Mac: “Stop Reading, Start Writing”. I put it there a while ago to encourage myself to consume less information, and to produce more.

Apparently, at that moment in France, I felt “ready”. Looking at all the books around me, I started thinking that my friend, the owner of the house, would benefit more from the sticker than I did.
So, I removed it from my Mac, and attached it to one of the bookshelves.
That’ll teach him!

By now, I know better.
The friend writes actively, probably not just because of my sticker.
And me? I’m addicted to the internet. Addicted to consuming enormous amounts of information. It never ends.
Even if I could make myself write, produce, I would probably be discouraged by everything that has already been said.
Do I really have anything to add to that?

So, I’ll stay where I am, in my quiet little corner of the world.
Until I’m done with it.
Until I want somebody to hear me.
And then?
Then, I’ll start publishing a blog.

Can you hear me at the back?

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